Tehachapi City Council formally adopts code enforcement ordinances for the community’s benefit with aid from Silver & Wright LLP Partner Valerie Escalante Troesh
City of Tehachapi
Written By Silver & Wright LLP
February 7, 2022

On January 18, 2022 the Tehachapi City Council unanimously approved three ordinances amending its municipal code’s code enforcement regulations to bring them into compliance with new State laws, enhance transparency and clarity in processes, and ensure efficient and fair enforcement of its laws.  For details on the ordinances, click here

These ordinances were part of a diligent year long process with the City’s Police Department Chief Kent Kroeger and Code Enforcement Officer and Police Officer Aaron Price in conjunction with advice and guidance by Silver & Wright LLP Partner Valerie Escalante Troesh.  The adoption of these ordinances will be part of Chief Kent Kroeger’s legacy, as he is set to retire this April.   

“He took the Tehachapi Police Department to the next level while creating a top-notch law enforcement agency,” City Manager Greg Garrett said in a statement released Jan. 10.  

All three of the adopted ordinances are scheduled to go into effect on February 18, 2022.

“We are very pleased that these ordinances have been adopted and will soon be taking effect. Amending ordinances to align with the law and best interests of the public is imperative to the functionality of a well-operated and safe city.  We are now taking all necessary steps in the City’s Code Enforcement Department to transition smoothly to the enforcement of the new regulations come later this month.”  

Code Enforcement Officer and Police Officer Aaron Price

Silver & Wright LLP prides itself in working with public agencies on complex and detailed State law and case law requirements for local code enforcement.  

“One of the most fulfilling parts of working with public agencies, like Tehachapi, is being part of the process that ensures local regulations comply with the law, offer the best due process protections, and give the public clear and transparent guidance on regulations in their jurisdiction.  Local laws are the backbone of the community, so having that solid foundation is key.” 

Silver & Wright LLP Partner Valerie Escalante Troesh

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