Stanislaus County partners with Silver & Wright LLP to successfully cease unlawful cannabis cultivation
Stanislaus County
Written By Silver & Wright LLP
September 20, 2021

Silver & Wright LLP was contacted by Stanislaus County (Northern California) to assist them in a case where a homeowner was unlawfully utilizing their property for commercial cannabis cultivation. 

Our firm successfully garnered an inspection warrant, notice of order, and attained a receivership on the County’s behalf. 

The property in question posed a critical threat to the owners and the community, as its electrical was not up to code, and a fire was waiting to happen.

Not only did the property owner not attain a commercial cannabis license, no outdoor commercial cannabis cultivation is allowed within the unincorporated areas of Stanislaus County. 

“We came in and helped the County prepare an inspection warrant, issued by the court. This allowed all of the County’s inspectors, including code enforcement, building inspectors, fire, and the sheriff’s department, to go onto the property, inspect and document all violations. We used this evidence to prepare a notice of order to request the owner to abate all of the issues.”

Silver & Wright LLP Partner Rene L. Farjeat.

Days after the inspection, coincidentally, the property caught fire, causing significant damage to the home, destroying its structure.

In this case, Silver & Wright LLP was also successful in attaining a receivership for the County to completely restore the property, one that complies with the law and does not pose a hazard to the community. 

As the home eagerly awaits a complete restoration, Stanislaus County successfully ceased thousands of cannabis plants from the property.

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