Silver & Wright LLP assists City of Fontana with removing violent felons and vagrants from illegally occupying two homes
City of Fontana Silver & Wright LLP
Written By Silver & Wright LLP
July 28, 2021

Our firm is proud to have assisted the City of Fontana with attaining the appointment of a court appointed receiver to remove dangerous vagrants and violent felons who were illegally occupying two homes in Fontana, across the street from an elementary school. 

In the City of Fontana V. Nicholas C. Choi case, Silver & Wright LLP. was also successful in recovering the costs incurred by the City for the entirety of the case. 

Code enforcement action on the two properties, located on the 16500 block of Baseline Avenue and 14400 block of Chesebro Court, began back in 2012. 

The owner of the homes was contacted numerous times regarding the property’s extreme hazardous condition and safety threat they posed upon the neighborhood, but the owners ignored repeated citations and abatement orders from Fontana Police Department and the City’s Code Enforcement.

The absentee landlord was operating two undeclared boarding homes for mentally unstable, violent, felons which hit an all-time low when one of the illegal tenants allegedly broke into a nearby home and attempted to rape a woman, after brutally stabbing her husband. 

“The City of Fontana attempted to contact the owner of the properties numerous times to bring the home up to code, with no success. Our firm was called upon to assist the City and we successfully helped them garner a receivership by petitioning the courts and recovering all fees incurred in the case,” said Silver & Wright LLP Partner Rene Farjeat.

Since the city successfully attained authority over the two properties in 2018, both homes have been sold after being beautified and completely rehabilitated, elevating the quality of life in the neighborhood and creating a safer environment for students attending elementary school across the street.  

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