Lauren McElroy details her journey through law and shares the most memorable case in her career
Paralegal Lauren McElroy
Written By Silver & Wright LLP
April 28, 2022

Lauren McElroy is a paralegal at Silver & Wright LLP, where she’s been employed for over seven years. 

While she’s worked on hundreds of criminal and civil cases with our firm thus far, the most notable case she’s worked on was the Petta Receivership matter.

“This case was not like our traditional receivership case as we represent the Court Receiver in this matter. This case had many moving parts and was essentially a Ponzi scheme working its way out into the court system. However, it stood out because our firm assisted the receiver maneuver through the court process to ensure helpless victims who invested life savings received some of their money back.”

Lauren McElroy, Silver & Wright LLP Paralegal 

This case referenced above consisted of multiple parties and total court filings, all while the Courts were shut down at the beginning of the pandemic. She said the case was a great learning experience representing the court receiver and understanding how the other side of receivership cases work.

While she’s often bombarded with questions from people asking why she doesn’t go to law school or why she’s not an attorney, Lauren says her goal was always to become a paralegal. 

“When people think about a legal career, their first thought is to become an attorney. Even in mainstream media, most viewers pay attention to the successful attorney winning the massive case. However, my eyes always wandered to the support team in the background. Sometimes it’s forgotten, but paralegals make up a significant sector of careers in law, assisting attorneys every step of the way.”

Lauren said that when she was a child, she was inspired to pursue a career in law due to television shows like Scooby-Doo, and as a teenager and young adult, she was obsessed with actual crime shows, podcasts, CSI, Law & Order, etc.

“A highlight I can pinpoint that guided me in the direction of becoming a paralegal was the hit TV show Suits. Meghan Markle’s character “Rachel Zane” was a respected paralegal whose expertise and knowledge was just as valuable as those of the handling attorneys. Anything related to a mystery and hunt for answers grabbed my attention. The intrigue followed me through college, so I’m fortunate to be involved with the criminal prosecution division at Silver & Wright LLP.”

Another point of inspiration for Lauren comes from her mother, who she describes as the most joyful person she knows, who can light up a room with her smile and energy and be the biggest supporter in her personal life and career. 

Lauren says that in the near future, she’s hopeful that opportunities for professional development will increase and looks forward to traveling more as the world starts to return to normal amid the pandemic. 

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Mariposa Court Reduces Receiver’s Request for Unpaid Costs by Over $300,000 at Request of County and S&W

Mariposa Court Reduces Receiver’s Request for Unpaid Costs by Over $300,000 at Request of County and S&W

After holding a hearing in November 2021, the Mariposa County Superior Court issued an order on February 3, 2022 discharging the receiver that the Court had appointed years prior to correct numerous violations of law at the former Bison Creek Ranch property, and also reducing the receiver’s request for unpaid fees and costs by over $300,000, as the County had requested.