2020 CACEO Annual Seminar
Curtis Wright at his desk on his computer
Written By Tamrin Olden
October 15, 2020

We are grateful for the opportunity to participate as sponsors and instructors for the 2020 CACEO Annual Seminar. Founding Partner’s Matthew Silver and Curtis Wright have been involved in CACEO in many different capacities over the last 10 years. CACEO is one of the best ways for our office to get direct access to code enforcement officers, giving them knowledge on all things code enforcement.

Curtis Wright teaches classes throughout the year, including all certification courses. In addition to teaching, Matthew has had the privilege of serving on the board for the last decade.

Check out the topics that Matthew and Curtis will be teaching on.

Curtis Wright - Sober Living And Group Homes

Sober living homes and group homes are common in many jurisdictions, and code enforcement offices are frequently responsible for enforcing local regulations relating to them. However, understanding and navigating the array of laws and regulations relating to these facilities can be difficult. This course will discuss the various State and Federal laws applicable to sober living homes and group homes, as well as examples of local approaches, and changes in State law. Code enforcement options and tools for non-compliant facilities will also be discussed. Attendees should take away a strong understanding of these laws, and options for regulation and enforcement.

Curtis Wright - Code Enforcement & COVID-19

The COVID crisis has drastically impacted every facet of society and law enforcement, including Code Enforcement.  Every Code Enforcement Department in cities and counties throughout the State is having a different response to how code enforcement should be handled during the pandemic, and what duties and responsibilities the Code Enforcement Department should have as part of the pandemic response.  While we are still in the midst of dealing with COVID-19, now is a good time to start sharing ideas, knowledge, success stories, failures, lessons learned, and best practices as we continue to deal with the threat, emerge from the shutdown, and prepare for the next inevitable pandemic.

Curtis Wright - Drugs, Gangs, & Human Trafficking

State law authorizes cities and counties to abate these nuisances, and code enforcement provides the tools. This course will discuss the powerful laws that empower local jurisdictions to protect their communities and deal with these issues, and will also cover tactical approaches. Attendees should take away a strong understanding of their jurisdiction’s options for dealing with drug houses, gang houses, and places used for prostitution/human trafficking, as well as concrete tools for doing so.

Matthew Silver - Substandard Housing

Substandard housing is the lesser-known, but deadlier housing crisis. Local agencies are under increasing pressure to ensure safe housing conditions for tenants and neighbors alike. This course will survey the range of laws governing substandard housing and will include an in-depth discussion of tools available to cities and counties to deal with substandard housing, including relocation laws. Attendees should take away a strong understanding of the laws governing substandard housing and the tools they can take back to their jurisdiction to effectively and efficiently abate this problem.

Matthew Silver - Legal Updates

Recently there have been numerous laws and cases affecting various aspects of code enforcement. This course will include a focused discussion on legal updates pertaining to code enforcement specifically, including Boise and public camping laws; homelessness; ADUs; cannabis, MEHKOs, sidewalk vending…and many others. We will also discuss upcoming and anticipated trends in the law relating to code enforcement. Attendees should take away an up-to-date understanding of recent law changes pertaining to code enforcement and how to comply with them.

Curtis Wright - Sidewalk Vending & Micro-Enterprise Home Kitchen Operations

Recent changes to State law have greatly affected how local jurisdictions can regulate and enforce sidewalk vending and micro-enterprise home kitchens. While these are separate issues, they have much in common. This course will review current law affecting sidewalk vending and MEHKOs, as well as approaches and parameters for local regulation and enforcement options. Attendees will take away a strong understanding of local laws and enforcement tools as they relate to these activities.

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2020 CACEO Annual Seminar

We are grateful for the opportunity to participate as sponsors and instructors for the 2020 CACEO Annual Seminar. Founding Partner's Matthew Silver and Curtis Wright have been involved in CACEO in...

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